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  • custom made classic style kitchen
Luxury classic Kitchen

Luxury Classic kitchen: italian craftsmanship and opulent elegance

Luxury classic kitchen is a meticulously crafted, custom-made classic style kitchen, showcasing the artistry of Italian design. It stands as a testament to artisanal excellence, distinguishing itself with the opulence of its finishes, making it the perfect choice for high-end residences that demand a luxurious kitchen and show-stopping furnishings.


This spacious luxurious kitchen unfolds in a U-shaped layout with an imposing central island, dominating the space. It’s designed to impress, making a statement in any luxury home.

High-End Italian Kitchens Where Classic Elegance Meets Meticulous Design

The kitchen is equipped with classic-style appliances, and every drawer and compartment is meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. The handcrafted hood presides regally over the cooking area. Columns and storage wall cabinets seamlessly follow the contours of the walls.

Artistry in every carving

The classic motifs and wood carvings gracing the wall paneling are mirrored on the cabinet doors and columns, which are adorned in an ivory hue, illuminated, and enriched by 24kt gilded leaf accents.

Turnkey Projects: The Mastery In Creating A Royal Kitchen

Modenese turnkey projects exemplify expertise in crafting opulent kitchens fit for royalty. From design conception to flawless execution, they redefine culinary spaces with sophistication and functionality. The custom-made classic style kitchen is elevated by the deep tones of backlit golden onyx, adorning the countertops and a grand central island.

Venetian Bespoke Kitchen Manufacturing For Villas And Palaces

Completing the room is a Venetian chandelier crafted from white blown glass, casting a soft, luminous glow that adds the final touch of sophistication to the space.

This luxury Classic Kitchen is a harmonious blend of classic inspiration, artisanal craftsmanship, Italian design, and modern luxury. It’s designed for those who appreciate top-quality design and the finest custom-made classic-style kitchen.