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Traditional Chic Kitchen


The Traditional Chic Kitchen is of the best kitchen designs from Modenese Bespoke Joinery, and represents the embodiment of luxury Italian kitchen craftsmanship. In this design we propose not only a grand dining area but also a culinary space beyond compare, it redefines what it means to be high-class.

Traditional Kitchen Design: Embracing Victorian Elegance

This kitchen’s design is a true testament to top quality, it is characterized by linear precision, with a prominent central island that reigns supreme.
Its sleek lines and commanding presence elevate the space, showcasing an impeccable blend of functionality and style.

The Luxury Of The Italian-Style Kitchen Enhances The High-Quality Living

The kitchen’s structure is a canvas of intricate decor. The cabinet doors, in particular, feature raised panels and inlays enriched with golden handles and finely etched designs. The meticulously curated structure also includes columns with removable capitals, serving both a functional and ornamental role, enhancing the kitchen’s aura.


The grand island is dominated by a wooden hood, entirely cloaked in burl veneer. The kitchen culminates with a glass cabinet, showcasing beveled and polished glass adorned with brass trimmings.

The Design Richness Blends With Classic And Modern Elegance

The preferred color scheme for this space revolves around beige and white, thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with the various decorations that grace the furniture. The gilded leaf details meticulously accentuate the ornaments and friezes.

Embracing Tradition: High-End Kitchen For An Exclusive Lifestyle

The marble countertop marries perfectly with its warm colors, adding to the overall sense of opulence.
Its luxurious texture and rich hues create an inviting ambiance that seamlessly complements the kitchen’s grandeur.

Handcrafted Kitchens For Prestigious And Luxurious Interiors

The dining area seamlessly integrates with the kitchen, featuring dark wooden tables and chairs with light fabric upholstery that complements the kitchen’s design. The room is crowned by Venetian chandeliers, their crystal and golden tones casting a captivating radiance throughout the space.
The Traditional Chic Kitchen is the embodiment of grandeur, artistry, and top-quality craftsmanship. It’s a culinary masterpiece and a testament to the essence of high-class luxury in luxury Italian kitchen design.