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  • the best custom-made luxury kitchens from Italy with precious gold leaf deails
  • high-end lacquered and gilded kitchen made to measure for luxury villas
  • luxury villa kitchen gold plated
Contemporary Kitchen

The High-End Contemporary Kitchen Crafting with Excellence

Our contemporary kitchen design is a timeless classic of significant dimensions, offering a wide array of components. What truly sets it apart is the use of premium materials such as solid wood and hardwood, which exude warmth and hospitality into any space they grace. This custom made kitchen is a masterpiece, made in Italy, showcasing modern luxury at its finest. It’s a high-end kitchen that stands as a testament to top quality.


The base and wall cabinet doors, as well as the drawers, are not merely simple; they are intricate works of art, consisting of a golden frame and a white lacquered panel. These frames are meticulously designed to accentuate the edges of the cabinet doors with 24k gold leaf.

Luxury gold-plated kitchen with a Modern Twist for villas and exclusive homes

This kitchen is designed to span across two sides, with a central island. Its design is marked by pronounced symmetry, with the central axis corresponding to the cooking area (countertop, oven, and range hood) — the true epicenter and beating heart of the entire composition. Around it, other functional elements gracefully unfold. Despite its traditional ambiance, modern elements find their place, especially in the presence of highly energy-efficient and exceptionally functional appliances. While deeply rooted in the described traditional style, our Contemporary Kitchen also embraces a touch of modernity, notably in the form of a central island with Emperador Dark marble top.


The selected finishes for this high-end kitchen are an ensemble of white, gracing the entire structure, and gray, emphasizing the cooking area. Satin-finished glass, granite in various shades of gray, and the essential oak wood snack counter complete the picture. It’s the epitome of custom-made kitchen design, delivering a top-quality experience, made in Italy, with modern luxury in every detail.