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  • The best Italian kitchens designed by a team of architects and interior designers.
  • Luxury classic interior design to create lacquered and gilded baroque style kitchens

Team of architects and interior designers

Modenese Luxury Interiors offers a dedicated team comprised of architects and interior designers to bring your projects to life. Leveraging their expertise, our team listens to your requests, offers advice, and addresses all your concerns.

The interior design process commences with a thorough analysis of your needs and taste, leading to the creation of a bespoke layout. Initially, various layouts and ideas are presented, exploring styles and color schemes. Once the direction is defined, we provide you with a more precise and detailed interior design project, showcasing the envisioned space with meticulous attention to precision.

  • We directly design and build the best luxury kitchens and walk-in wardrobes
  • Tailor-made furnishing solutions created according to the customer's wishes

Study of the client’s taste and requirements

In our commitment to meeting your needs, we offer a comprehensive study of your taste and requirements, extending beyond furniture. Upon your request, we will explore various options for coverings, ranging from floors to walls and ceilings. Choices include exquisite and intricate marble inlays, personalized floor designs featuring different tones and textures of wood, or the addition of warm and hand-tufted carpets that align with your taste and style.

Similarly, when it comes to walls, we provide a diverse range of options such as boiserie, lambris, wallpaper, or even simple wall paints with distinctive textures and nuances. Whatever your preferences may be, the Modenese Luxury Interiors contract team is dedicated to working alongside you to turn your vision into reality.

"Inlaid and elaborately crafted table for refined environments."

Final design concept

As part of Modenese Luxury Interiors’ design service, we offer a unique feature – a dedicated “table” curated exclusively for your project by our designers. This personalized table allows you to physically experience and assess the choices we have tailored for you. It’s an opportunity to feel the softness of fabrics, inspect their colors, and see how they harmonize with wood samples. This hands-on experience reflects the meticulous care and passion we invest in our clients, as it’s the details that truly make a difference.

Whether it’s a custom carving, the perfect tone of an upholstery fabric coordinating seamlessly with curtains and wallpaper, or the intricate design of a hand-frescoed ceiling by our skilled artisans – our aim is to transform your spaces into uniquely welcoming and exceptional environments.

High-class classic kitchen project made to measure
High-class modern kitchen project made to measure