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Neoclassic Wood Walk-in Closet


Experience the perfect fusion of neo-classic aesthetics with Modenese’s Neoclassic Wood walk-in closet. This luxurious closet is a testament to timeless elegance, characterized by artisanal carvings and gold leaf decorations. It redefines classic Italian style with a touch of contemporary living, delivering a custom design that stands apart from the ordinary.

Tribute to Artistry and Practicality in Luxury Walk-in Closet

Neoclassic Wood is a celebration of artistry and practicality, where every element, from artisanal carvings to gold leaf adornments, plays a role in crafting a masterpiece. Crafted from light cherry wood and enriched with gold leaf accents, it becomes a symbol of luxury and sophistication that invites you to embrace classic aesthetics in a modern world.

Italian Design Classic Style Closet In Solid Wood And Rich Gold Finishes

The Neoclassic Wood walk-in closet is a space bathed in soft, warm light, highlighting the significance of your clothing and personal belongings. Its open elements are thoughtfully designed with drawers, shelves, and wooden dividers, all featuring fabric backs. This thoughtful approach ensures that your wardrobe is not just organized but also beautifully presented, enhancing your daily dressing experience.

Fusion of Form and Function in Neo-Classic Walk-in Closet

The removable shoulders in the Neoclassic Wood design are both a characteristic feature and a practical addition. These shoulders are meticulously equipped with storage containers, tie racks, and belt holders, exemplifying the artful blend of form and function that characterizes the neo-classic style.

Where Luxury Takes Wardrobe Center Stage

The central island within the Neoclassic Wood walk-in closet is the epicenter of luxury. With spacious storage drawers featuring wooden and glass fronts, it creates an intriguing visual dynamic. The drawers and jewelry trays are lined with sumptuous fabric, adding an extra layer of luxury to the overall design.

Celebrating Luxury, Sophistication, and Everyday Elegance

Neoclassic Wood is not just a walk-in closet; it’s a work of art that encapsulates neo-classic grandeur. It celebrates luxury and sophistication, turning your daily routine into a fashion ritual of elegance. It’s a symphony of elegance and practicality that offers an experience that goes beyond utility for luxurious residential projects.


With Neoclassic Wood, every garment, accessory, and every moment finds its place of honor. It’s not just a high class walk-in cLoset; it’s a celebration of the neo-classic style, a symphony of luxury that redefines your daily routine into a fashion experience of timeless elegance at home.