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Excellence Kitchen Project in New York – Usa


The Excellence Kitchen handcrafted specifically for a private residential project in New York – USA, stands as one of the prime examples of contemporary design, seamlessly weaving together form and function. With a linear layout spanning two walls and an equipped peninsula, this luxurious Italian kitchen marries compact functionality with opulent aesthetics. It’s the perfect representation of modern luxury skillfully made in Italy for high-end kitchens.

Geometry Meets Elegance with the best kitchen design ideas

The design of this kitchen designed by Modenese is characterized by crisp, geometric volumes, defined by beige lacquer for the base cabinets. The cabinet doors themselves are adorned with sumptuous leather coverings. Rare wood tones embellish the storage units, while gilded details bring radiance and opulence to every corner. This is a testament to the high-end craftsmanship that Italy is renowned for.

Exquisite Marble Luxury for the best kitchens from Italy

Inspired by royal palace kitchens, Calacatta Gold marble reigns supreme as both the countertop and wall cladding. This luxurious material gracefully extends to the floor, creating a sense of continuity and harmony in the space. It’s the perfect embodiment of modern contemporary luxury.

A Beacon of Modernity in a high class kitchen

An imposing, modern chandelier in a gleaming gold finish casts its radiant glow over the room, adding an extra layer of contemporary opulence in this rich top quality kitchen. It’s the crowning jewel of this culinary masterpiece, embodying modern luxury at its finest.

The Excellence Kitchen by Modenese encapsulates the essence of contemporary design and modern luxury, a culinary masterpiece that harmoniously blends opulence, functionality, and the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship, making it a pinnacle of kitchen interior design.